Remodeling Expo
Remodeling Expo
For centuries, people across the globe have utilized face-to-face gatherings to conduct the majority of their commerce. In fact, event marketing is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) forms of marketing still in use today.
(To see our full list of upcoming Minnesota Home Shows, visit our Show Schedule page.)
But how does something as “archaic” as events, remain so beneficial today, despite the introduction of new technologies like TV, the internet and direct mail? And how are events still a thing with everything going on in the world?
Well, the answers boil down to basic human nature!
Participating in live events, and specifically a remodeling expo, has numerous unique advantages for home improvement companies that simply cannot be duplicated with any other form of marketing currently available.
This is why home shows and remodeling expos are still the number #1 choice of marketing for many major home service professionals across the country!

Upcoming Remodeling Expos:

October 29, 2022

Canterbury Park, Shakopee

November 5, 2022

National Sports Center, Blaine

November 19, 2022

Maple Grove Community Center

January 21, 2023

Canterbury Park, Shakopee

March 12, 2022

Maple Grove Community Center, Maple Grove

April 1, 2023

Eagan Community Center

April 22, 2023

Hippodrome Arena, White Bear Lake Home Show

April 29, 2023

Hasse Arena, Lakeville
Meeting customers face-to-face allows you to shorten your sales cycle by qualifying buyers on-the-spot, building trust, gathering information, brand building, and so much more. When having a face-to-face conversation with someone, humans are able to discern so much about each other in a very short amount of time. From observing facial expressions to tone of voice, it’s how we’re all built to process information.
Contrast that with other marketing channels such as TV, radio, or print – which are all very one-sided forms of marketing. With these, you are spewing out information to large, un-targeted masses of people which makes these marketing options incredibly inefficient by comparison.
Television, radio, and print is basically tossing money at a large group of people and hoping they are buyers, or even worse - hoping those buyers take action and reach out to you! Which is asking a LOT of someone, when you think about it!
Now, consider internet marketing. This type of marketing can allow for better targeting – if you know what you’re doing. But, if you’re not well versed in the technology, it can be extremely unforgiving. For the uneducated, you can waste thousands and thousands of dollars without seeing any results.
Even those who consider themselves decent internet marketers are likely spending too much for customers leads. That is because internet marketing is a shark infested ocean with savvy players backed by large pocketbooks. As costs of impressions go up, so does your cost-per-lead…
Remodeling Expo 1
Participating at a remodeling expo will allow your company – whether it is big and small - to compete on a level playing field, with a low barrier to entry, and reach huge crowds of targeted & qualified buyers. Here at Minnesota Home Shows, we do the heavy lifting to bring our customers consistent leads at an unbeatable price.
So, what does the future of events look like? Never better!
After a year of being cooped up inside, American’s are yearning to get back to in-person events. Attendees also prefer live events because it gives them control of the shopping experience. They can receive multiple quotes, vet companies, and gain insight into their home projects.
Attendance this year is back in a huge, huge way! But don’t take our word for it, just head to any restaurant or bar on Friday or Saturday night and see the crowds for yourself.
Or, visit any big box or home improvement store and you’ll see people gathered in crowds like it is 2019 again...
Or check out any local concert (if you can find one that isn’t sold out) and enjoy the surge of fans celebrating their rock gods...
Just last week the Minnesota State Fair announced their return without any restrictions. That’s right, the great Minnesota Get Together will return in full force and you know they will draw absolutely MASSIVE crowds. The fact is, in less than a month since major restrictions were loosened, Minnesotan’s are gathering in big crowds again, most without a second thought.
Remodeling Expo 2
So, if you’re not yet registered for our upcoming remodeling expos, we have 8 great Home Shows to look forward to, beginning this fall!
Below you will find a list of our upcoming Home Shows. Each remodeling expo features new and unique Exhibitors, many specific to the areas in which they are hosted.
2022 Shakopee Home Show
Saturday, October 29 | Canterbury Park, Shakopee
We kick off the 2021 fall home show season at Canterbury Park for our Shakopee Home Show. This show is hosted in a gorgeous, new facility that features modern Amenities for Attendees and Exhibitors alike. Plus, the venue itself is renowned across Minnesota as THE destination for games and fun! This event brings in attendees from Shakopee, Eden Prairie, Prior Lake, Savage, Burnsville, and more.
2022 Blaine Home Show
Saturday, November 5 | National Sports Center, Blaine
Following Shakopee, we move to the northern Metro for our Blaine Home Show, hosted at the National Sports Center. This is another gorgeous venue that features easy move-in and move-out accommodations for our Exhibitors plus padded AstroTurf that not only feels wonderful to walk on, but adds to the aesthetics of our remodeling expo experience! This event brings in attendees from Blaine, Ham Lake, Coon Rapids, Andover, Spring Lake Park, and more!
2022 Maple Grove Home Show
Saturday, November 19 | Maple Grove Community Center
Closing out our 2022 fall home show season is our Maple Grove Home Show. This location remains one of our most popular show locations and for great reason. This area is hot for home improvements and the attendees come out to this remodeling expo in droves! Our Maple Grove shows tend to sell out many months in advance so if you are planning to have your company participate at any upcoming Maple Grove home show, do not delay in reserving your booth space! This show will pull in attendees from Maple Grove, Rogers, Plymouth, and more!
2023 Shakopee Home Show
Saturday, January 21 | Canterbury Park, Shakopee
There’s no better time to participate or visit a remodeling expo than spring! We kick the 2023 spring Home Show season off at Canterbury Park, which is one of our most well attended shows of the year. Folks emerge from their homes after months of being cooped up from the cold to visit. This is an ideal show to reach homeowners from the jump, while they're primed for spring home improvement projects!
2023 Maple Grove Home Show
Saturday, March 18 | Maple Grove Community Center
After Shakopee, we visit the Maple Grove Community Center for our spring Maple Grove Home Show! Again, this event sells out fast so if you are a home improvement company looking to promote your business at this remodeling expo, reach out today to reserve your space before all spaces are filled!
2023 Eagan Home Show (NEW!)
Saturday, April 2 | Eagan Community Center
After Maple Grove, we visit the Eagan Community Center for our spring Eagan Grove Home Show! It's one of our newest show locations and sure to be another sellout. The Eagan Home Show draws attendees from the towns of Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Inver Grove Heights, Rosemount, and more!
2023 White Bear Lake Home Show (NEW!)
Saturday, April 22 | Hippodrome Ice Arena
Exhibitors have been demanding a remodeling show in the White Bear Lake area for years - and the time has finally come! Hosted at the well-known Hippodrome Arena, the White Bear Lake Home Show is the go-to destination in the East Metro for all things home improvement. Drawing attendees from the towns of White Bear Lake, Hugo, North Oaks, Mahtomedi, and more! If you're looking to reach the affluent White Bear Lake market, this show is for you!
2023 Lakeville Home Show
Saturday, April 29 | Lakeville Hasse Arena
We finish out the 2023 spring Home Show season at the Hasse Arena in Lakeville. This is a great show that draws big crowds from the Sotuh Metro – suburbs like Lakeville, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Eagan, Farmington and more! The venue is bustling with activity year round so it’s a perfect place to host our events! Tons of free parking and very accommodating for our Exhibitor move-in and move-out!